What it’s Like for Students with ADD: Gerry Brooks

What’s it like for a kid with ADHD who is trying to succeed in school? YouTube sensation Gerry Brooks says it must be similar to what it’s like for an administrator with ADHD.

Watch Gerry Brooks demonstrate what it’s like for students with ADD/ADHD.

Beyond the humor – YouTube sensation (and real-world educator) Gerry Brooks is very concerned about the toll that the pandemic has taken on at-risk students, struggling parents and strained educators. He will keynote the School Discipline Conference in New York in February. Gerry’s Summit sessions have garnered high marks. Here’s what attendees said about Gerry Brooks’ recent Summit sessions:

“So much energy! Gerry’s stories and insights are real world and relevant to the profession.”“Superb! As a principal Gerry gave quick relatable strategies. I will use and discuss the culture and climate activities during opening PD with teachers in August.”“Amazing! One of the best presentations that I have ever been to. Very motivational.”

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