How Proprioception Bolsters Learning-Readiness in Neurodiverse Students: Jessica Sinarski

“Encouraging students to figure out what their brains and bodies need in order to be learning-ready can be life-changing!” Speaker Jessica Sinarski believes teaching students and families about an often overlooked sense can help students succeed in the classroom.
Watch Jessica Sinarski discuss an often overlooked but crucial sense that helps students self-monitor — and perhaps better process information.

Jessica Sinarksi is an author and thought leader in neuroscience who specializes in training educators about the brain and how to teach students of all ages how the brain works, and why it matters. She will present a featured session entitled Trauma, the Brain and Hope for the Weary Educator at the Wired Differently/Trauma-Informed Schools in Orlando in March. Learn more about the Wired Differently/Trauma-Informed Schools Conference.