What if Classroom Rigor is Messy? Dr. Robyn Jackson

Getting rigor right in the classroom is likely to cause students to struggle — but in a productive manner that promotes confidence in the learning experience. Dr. Robyn Jackson says that carefully planned instruction tends to be predictably messy but also allows educators to adjust content delivery based on student responses.

Watch Dr. Robyn Jackson discuss how “messy rigor” is the best kind of rigor.

Author of Never Work Harder than Your Students and Founder of Mindsteps Inc., Dr. Robyn Jackson will deliver a plenary session at the Innovative Schools Summit Las Vegas – a top Conference for Educators, Teachers, Principals and School Counselors.

The National Conference on Innovative Teaching Strategies is coming to Atlanta and Las Vegas in 2019. This event assembles internationally recognized innovators together with practicing educators and consultants who are currently finding success with promising fresh approaches and research-based methodologies.