Las Vegas 2022 Handouts

Please find any handouts provided to us by speakers below (some speakers do not use/provide slides and/or handouts).  Click on a session title below to download the handout.  Please consider downloading/bookmarking the PDFs to your device or printing out any handouts you may want to reference before arriving at the Summit.  Please check back often as presenters are still submitting their materials.

July 6th Pre-Conferences:

Jennifer Moore: From Chaos to Calm: 4 Steps to Ease & Restore Your Well-Being
Shaun Woodly: How to Spark Engagement & Motivation in Urban and Culturally Diverse Classrooms
Kerry Leo: Navigating Learning Challenges through a Scientific Problem Solving Process

Main Conference Handouts:

Ernesto Mejia: I Am My Parents’ “American” Dream

Steve Pond: Dynamic Teaching Yields Dynamic Results

Shaun Woodly: Culturally Responsive Teaching for High Student Engagement: The Elements of Urban Education

Robert Walker: Highly Effective 21st Century Innovative Inventions: Quad D Robotics

Edward DeShazer: The Hammer & Screw

Kim Johancen: Mindfulness and Brainspotting – Techniques to Help Students with Trauma

Caswell & Peck: Infusing Mental Health Into Everyday Practice

Christian Moore: Practical Strategies for Supporting Student Mental Health & Resilience

Joe Christensen: Strategies That Work with Indigenous, Disengaged, At-Risk and Challenging Students- From An Australian Playbook

King & Fanelli: Behavior 2.0: Reexamining What We Know About Behavior

Tim King: Micro to Macro: Changing the Lens of Discipline

Connie Hamilton: Strategy Slam: Protocols to Engage Learners

Connie Hamilton: Metacognition: Teaching Students to Think About Thinking

Jerome McQueen: Connecting STEM Concepts to Real World Applications

Khalil Sikander: Spread the Love: It’s the Brooklyn Way

Joseph McQueen: De-Escalating with an Emphasis on Brain Development & Trauma

Daniel Cape: Creativity Made Easy

Shawnda Spruill: LEAD. MODEL. EMPOWER.: A Framework for School Turnaround

Rozina Kapadia: Thriving as a Racially Conscious Person

Victoria Heric & Weina Li Chen: Reimagining the Design Thinking Process with EdTech Tools

Dirk Ash & Amanda Smith: Take This Job & Love It/Shove It?

Henry Brown: More Than A Test Score: Improving the Emotional Intelligence of At-Risk Students

Diana Lockwood Bordeña: Innovation in Schools: Makerspaces & STEAM Programs

Marquita Blades: The POWARR of Student Collaboration: Using Problem-Based Learning Simulations

Jim Rex & Sue Smith-Rex: Helping Youth Overcome the Challenges of Today’s Growing Mental Health Crisis

Tom Maglisceau: Better Together Mindset: Uniting Educators, Students & Community Partners to Enhance Academics and SEL

Jessica Sinarski: What’s Inside Your Backpack: 5 Steps to Reduce the Emotional Load

William Noel: Color Brave: Implicit Bias, Equity & Cultural Competence in Schools

William Noel: Reframing School Discipline: Punishment vs. Discipline

Aaron Wiemeier: The Teacher Therapist: A Guide to Becoming the Teacher You Were Never Trained To Be

Kim Johancen: ACEs: Empowering Educators to Help Students Build Resiliency and Thrive

Brad Chapin: Refill Your Cup: An Interactive Mindfulness and Movement Session to Boost Your Self-Care

Mike Paget: 13 Practical Strategies for Helping Students Challenged by Anxiety Conditions

Megan Diede: Disrupting the Norm: Using Multi-Level Integration

Yvan Brochu: A Vision to Engage and Empower

Plunkett, Van Every & Fernandez: Creating a Brain Friendly Environment for ALL Children

Jennifer Bellinger – Using Data to Make Education Equitable

Brian Bereman & Carland Washington – Collaborative and Proactive: Instituting a Social Emotional Learning Culture for Whole School Change