Pre-Conference Evaluations

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July 5, 2021 Pre-Conference Sessions

Defiant, Manipulative & Attention-Seeking Students: How to Unlock Their Potential and Survive the Process! – Parts 1 & 2 – Eric Clark, M.Ed.

Traumatized Students: School-Based Interventions – Kim Johancen, MA, LPC

Self-Regulation: Evidence-Based Strategies to Teach Self-Management – Brad Chapin, LCP, LMLP

Positive Behavioral Supports for Students Who Are Wired Differently – Mike Paget, M.Ed.

At-Risk & Struggling Students: Understand Them to Teach Them – Tommie Mabry, Ph.D.

JULY 6, 2021 Pre-Conference Sessions

Overcoming Distraction, Disruption & Marginalization: Trauma-Informed & Resilience-Focused Strategies for Building Transformational Classrooms – Tom Maglisceau, Ph.D.

Comprehension Through Activities, Energizers, Icebreakers & You – Ernesto Mejia, M.Ed.

Self-Injury & Suicide: When & How Educators Should Intervene – Kim Johancen, MA, LPC

Lead Where You Stand – Using Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Access (I.D.E.A.) in Post-COVID Schools – Ronald Gonzalez, Ed.D.

The bully, the bullied, and the not-so-innocent bystander – Barbara Coloroso

It’s Like Riding A Bike: How To Make Learning Last a Lifetime – Dave Schmittou, Ed.D.

Becoming the Educator They Need: Mindsets and Strategies for Educating Black and Latino Males – Robert Jackson

From Chaos to Calm: 4 Steps to Ease & Restore Your Well-Being – Jennifer Moore, Ed.D.

Disruptive Behavior Disorders: Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder & Intermittent Explosive Disorder – Mike Paget M.Ed.

Preventing Digital Dependence, Disinhibition & Aggression – Eli Shapiro, Ed.D., LCSW

How to Spark Engagement & Motivation in Urban and Culturally Diverse Classrooms Shaun Woodly, Ph.D.