San Antonio Handouts

In many cases Breakout Session presenters will bring printed handouts to their sessions. 

You can access any available handouts in our mobile app under the session details in the “Sessions” tab of the app. 

Please note some presenters choose not to make their handout available for digital distribution. Others prefer not to provide a handout because of the nature of their content.

Click on the Session Title below to download the corresponding Handout.

Session Title: Assessing Practices & Processes to Ensure Your School/District is “Trauma-Invested” and not just “Trauma-Aware”

Session Presenter: Rick Bowman, M.A., Doris Bowman M.S. Ed/Spec Ed

Session Title: Building the Systems of MTSS Slides Handout

Session Presenter: Tom Maglisceau, PhD

Session Title: Conscious Classroom Management: Succeeding with Challenging Students

Session Presenter: Katie Anderson, M.Ed., NBCT

Session Title: Creating a Culture of Consent: Peer to Peer Sexual Assault Prevention

Session Presenter: Shael Norris

Session Title: Creating a Trauma-Informed Classroom

Session Presenter: Michelle Gonzalez-Gerth, MBA

Session Title: How to Self-Regulate Academic Stressors & Emotions in the Classroom Presenter

Session Presenter: Suzanne Velasquez-Sheehy, Ed.D., EP

Session Title: I’m Not Broken: Cultivating Schools Climates which Address the Dis-Proportionality in Discipline for Students of Color!

Session Presenter: Edwin Javius, M.A. – CEO/President, EDEquity, Inc.

Session Title: Inclusive Learning Communities: Think Big

Session Presenter: Amelie Smucker, MAT, NBCT

Session Title: Just Because It’s Not Wrong Doesn’t Make it Right

Session Presenter: Barbara Coloroso

Session Title: Light Up the Learning Brain

Session Presenter: Jessica Sinarski, LPCMH

Session Title: More Supports for More Time in Class!

Session Presenter: Melissa Leach, M.A.

Session Title: Reaching the Unreachable

Session Presenter: Blake Daniels, Marv Luddington

Session Title: School Turned Around: Effective Multi-tiered Systems of Support

Session Presenter: Carin Reeve

Session Title: SEL Moving from the Philosophical to the Practical

Session Presenter: Steph Jensen, MS, LPC

Session Title: Successfully Influencing the Behavior of Intensive Care Children

Session Presenter: Douglas Whitener

Session Title: Supporting Urban African American Male Persistence in College

Session Presenter: Christopher Scott, MA

Session Title: The Bully, The Bullied and the Not-So-Innocent ByStander

Session Presenter: Barbara Coloroso

Session Title: We Are One: Strengthening Your Team Through Effective Conflict Resolution

Session Presenter: Errica Dotson-Hooper

Session Title: Your FBA is a Fantasy

Session Presenter: Rick Bowman, M.A., Doris Bowman M.S. Ed/Spec Ed

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