At Risk or Underserved?: Focusing on What Really Matters in Student Learning

Ken Williams

Pre-Conference Session

Color Brave: Strategies for Becoming a More Culturally Competent School

Dr. William Noel

COVID-19 Chaos to Post-COVID Calm: Classroom Strategies to Build SEL Following Quarantine

Steph Jensen, MS, LPC

Pre-Conference Session

Defiant, Manipulative & Attention-Seeking Students: How to Unlock Their Potential & Survive the Process

Eric Clark, M.Ed.

Helping the Traumatized Child and Adolescent: Skills and Strategies for Educators

Kim Johancen, MA, LPC

Integrating a Self-Regulation Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention in the Classroom

Brad Chapin, LCP, LMLP

It’s a Package Deal
Clinical Treatment, Medications, School/Family Collaboration, and Positive and Preventive Daily Experiences Working Together for the Best Student Outcomes

Mike Paget, M.Ed.

Pre-Conference Session

Lost Boys: Strategies to Help Educators Navigate the World of Boys for Academic Success!

Steph Jensen, M.S., LPC

Pre-Conference Session

POWARRful Teaching Strategies for Increasing Student Engagement & Decreasing Disciplinary Issues

Dr. Marquita Blades

Pre-Conference Session

Powerful Strategies to Enhance the Learning of Gifted & Highly Able Students<

Adam Laningham, M.A.

Pre-Conference Session

Positive Behavioral Supports for Students Who Are Wired Differently

Mike Paget, M.Ed.

Self-Regulation Training: Framework for Success

Brad Chapin, LCP, LMLP

Shut Up And Teach: Turning Assessments into Teaching Tools

Robert LaVohn, M.F.A

Starting a Movement in a PLC: Building Culture from the Inside-Out

Ken Williams

Strategies to Support Gifted Children & How Trauma Impacts Them

Adam Langingham, M.A.

Suicide Prevention: When and How Educators Should Intervene

Kim Johancen, LPC

The 5 R's of Educating Economically

Ken Williams

Using Gifted Strategies to Meet the Needs of all Students

Gifted teaching is good teaching! The strategies used to engage, enrich, and motivate our gifted and advanced learners are effective techniques any teacher can incorporate to enhance the learning of their classroom. We will review brain-based and proven strategies that you can be brought back and put to use right away to improve classroom engagement and achievement.

Adam Langingham, M.A