Reward/Punishment vs Collaborative Problem Solving: Dr. Stuart Ablon

Reward/punishment approaches often fuel the fire, especially for the most explosive personalities and challenging behaviors. Dr. Stuart Ablon believes students need certain critical thinking skills based on empathy. His Collaborative Problem Solving approach shifts the educator’s focus from “How can I motivate this child to behave well?” to “How can we work together to train and accommodate for the skills that this child lacks right now?”

Watch Dr. Stuart Ablon explain how the Collaborative Problem Solving model helps students reframe their behaviors.

A Harvard Professor, Founder of Think:Kids, author of “The School Discipline Fix,” “Changeable” and co-author of “Treating Explosive Kids”, Dr. Ablon will deliver a plenary session entitled “Rethinking Challenging Behaviors: Skill, Not Will” at the School Discipline Conference in Las Vegas.