Pre-Conference Evaluations

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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Brad Chapin: Self-Regulation: Evidence-Based Strategies to Teach Self-Management

Mike Paget: Defying the Defiance: The Path to Happiness with ODD Students

Ronald Gonzalez: Lead Where You Stand – Using Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Access (I.D.E.A.)

Larry Thompson: Defiant, Manipulative & Attention-Seeking Students: How to Unlock Their Potential & Survive the Process – Parts 1 & 2

Connie Hamilton: Building an Inclusive Culture Through Questioning

Jennifer Moore: Helping Staff Use Restorative Language in Trauma-Informed Schools

Kim Johancen:  Traumatized Students: School-Based Interventions

Mike Paget: Positive Behavioral Supports for Students Who Are Wired Differently

William Noel: How to Reach the (Sometimes) Hard-to-Reach

Ernesto Mejia: Transitioning from Parent Engagement to Family Engagement: Understanding the Importance of Engagement

Brad Chapin: Teaching Self-Regulation Skills to Students Who Have Been Impacted by Trauma 


Friday, March 31, 2023

Kim Johancen: Self-Injury & Suicide: When & How Educators Should Intervene

Ernesto Mejia: Improving Student Engagement: Practical Strategies to Learn, Interact & Communicate with Students

Jessica Sinarski: Light Up The Learning Brain: Tools for Overcoming Learning Obstacles

Hotep Benzo: The New PBIS: Treating Behavior as a Symptom…NOT the Problem

Brian Dinkins: Developing The Emotionally-Inclusive Classroom Using SEL

Steve Webb: School Safety Best Practices: Lessons Learned From Tragedy

Connie Hamilton: Planning for Engagement using Technology


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