Please find any handouts provided to us by speakers below.   Click on a session title below to download the handout.  Please consider downloading/bookmarking the PDFs to your device or printing out any handouts you may want to reference before arriving at the Summit.  Please check back often as presenters are still submitting their materials.

November 4th Pre-Conferences:

Defiant, Manipulative & Attention-Seeking Students (Part 1) – Larry Thompson

Engaging the Traumatized Child – Aaron Wiemeier (This handout is 107 pages, 2 slides per page.)

POWARRful Teaching Strategies for Increasing Student Engagement – Dr. Marquita Blades

Defiant, Manipulative & Attention-Seeking Students (Part 2) – Larry Thompson (same handout as Part 1)

10 Keys to Improving Behavior and Academic Success by Boosting EQ – Aaron Wiemeier

Preventing Digital Dependence, Disinhibition & Aggression – Dr. Eli Shapiro

November 5th Pre-Conferences:

Building Bridges between Tiers: Integrating Social-Emotional Learning & Academics – Steph Jensen

Light Up The Learning Brain: Tools for Overcoming Learning Obstacles – Jessica Sinarski

Transformational Teaching with Technology – Sam Kary

How to Reach the (Sometimes) Hard-to-Reach – Dr. William Noel

Main Conference Handouts:

November 5th:

The Language of Trauma – Heather Forbes

Boundaries, Consequences and Accountability – Heather Forbes

Color Brave: Implicit Bias, Equity & Cultural Competence in Schools – William Noel

What’s Inside Your Backpack: Setting Aside What We’re Not Meant to Carry – Jessica Sinarski

The Power of an Intentional Classroom and School Culture – Blake Clark

Belonging Matters: Creating Positive Classroom Experiences – Ron Large

From Micro to Macro: Changing The Lens of Discipline – Timothy King

The TEACHER Therapist: A Guide to Becoming the Teacher You Were Never Trained To Be – Aaron Wiemeier

The Playbook: Addressing Systemic Barriers by Championing Mental Health – Ashley Perry


November 6th:

How to Customize Restorative Conferences that Reshape Discipline and Restore Relationships at Your School – Derrick Bailey

Paraprofessionals: Role Modeling and Teaching of Executive Functioning Skills & Strategies – Kathleen Adolt-Silva

Developing Social Emotional Competence in Ourselves and Our Students – Jenny Mills

The Hammer and the Screw – Edward DeShazer
Revolutionizing Health Education In High Schools – Charlotte Cassel & Katelyn Rozenbroek 

November 7th:

Using High-Impact Practices to Accelerate LearningTracey Severns

From Dropout to Degree: Success for Young Men of Color – Roshaun Gendrett