New York Main Stage Virtual Pass Handouts

Please find any handouts provided to us by speakers below (some speakers do not use/provide slides and/or handouts).  Click on a session title below to download the handout.  Please consider downloading/bookmarking the PDFs to your device or printing out any handouts you may want to reference before arriving at the Summit.  Please check back often as presenters are still submitting their materials.

Main Stage Virtual Pass Session Handouts:

Kids are worth it! Teaching with Wit & Wisdom – Barbara Coloroso

The Bully, the Bullied, and the Not-So-Innocent Bystander – Barbara Coloroso

I Am My Parents’ “American” Dream – Ernesto Mejia

Promoting Student Success – Horacio Sanchez

Color Brave: Best Practices for Improving Cultural Competence – William Noel

Flipped Classroom Management – Steph Jensen

Teaching and Learning from the Students’ Standpoint – Dr. Christopher Emdin

Closing The Exits Off The Road to Responsibility – Larry Thompson

Lead Where You Stand: Creating Equity Through Perseverance РDr. Ronald Gonzalez

The Language of Trauma – Heather Forbes

Boundaries, Consequences and Accountability – Heather Forbes