Many children are allowed to have only experiences deemed to be beneficial by adults…

“Responsible adults naturally have a tendency to prescribe experiences for children. The result is that many children are allowed to have only experiences deemed to be beneficial by adults.” According to Dr. Yong Zhao, “to enable every child to be able to explore, experiment with, and enhance his or her strengths, education must change.”

Watch Dr. Yong Zhao challenge the “sausage-making process” observed in some traditional education models.

Dr. Zhao says “education needs to stop preparing students to become a homogenous group of average individuals—mediocre at everything but great at nothing—and to begin helping everyone to become great.”

Dr. Zhao is an expert on globalization and education. He has published more than 20 books including World Class Learners and his latest release Reach for Greatness: Personalizable Education for All Children. Dr. Zhao will deliver a plenary presentation at the Innovative Schools Summit Atlanta.

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