Main Conference Handouts:

Wednesday, July 7th

kids are worth it! Teaching with Wit & Wisdom – Coloroso

Using Student Voice & Choice for Reform: A Journey of Change – Gonzalez

Disrupting the Norm – Rigsby & Diede

Supporting the Whole Child: Creating Trauma Informed SEL Integrated Learning Environments – Deeter & Renegado

Leading Schools on Assessment Journeys – Habeeb

Supporting Students with Anxiety Issues – Paget

P.O.W.E.R. Teaching Tools You Can Use – Ussin

Can Data Really Help Me Become More Innovative? – Kerrigan

RTI (Response to Intervention): A Whole-School Approach to Reteaching, Reassessment and Enrichment – Nowlin, Reid & Hudson

Solving Gender and Racial Equity with Experiential Learning and AI – Robinson

Can Struggling Teachers Become Obsolete? How Self-Selected Goals and Strategies Unlock Everyone’s Inner Expert – Gordon

This Session Has Been Rated PG-13 Due to Inappropriate Student Language and Behavior – Vicino

Stand Up for Humankind – Cox

ACEs: Empowering Educators to Help Students Build Resiliency and Thrive – Johancen

Get to a Well-Managed Classroom While Avoiding “Management” – Gordon

What Does Recovering from the Last 16 Months Look Like for You, Your Students and Your Colleagues? – Moore

From PBL to Law: Passing City and County Legislation – Chestnut & Russ

Inquiring Minds: Teaching and Learning with Good Questions – Francis

From Dropout to Degree: Success for Young Men of Color – Gendrett

Having the Hard Conversations: Addressing Difficult Subjects in the Classroom – Custer & Bruhnsen

Strength Coaching for At-Risk Youth – Bowman

Thursday, July 8th

From Chaos to Calm: Moving Towards Restorative Language in Schools – Moore

Breaking the Code: How to Create a More Equitable Code of Conduct – Eblen & Berry

Breaking the Chains with At-Risk Youth – Jay Smith

Leveraging Social Emotional Learning: An Examination of Effective Strategies that Promote Trauma Sensitive Environments and Maximize Student Potential – Hamilton

Are You Emotionally Intelligent? – Gilchrist

Knowing Is Half the Battle! Teaching and Learning for Depth of Knowledge – Francis

Come Back Better!  Cultivating School Cultures of Well-Being So Everyone Thrives! – Keiller

What Do SEL, Life Lessons and Classroom Culture Have in Common? – Lara

Strategies for CHANGE in the Classroom Community  – Tamburrino & Harris

Cyberbullying and Suicide: What Schools Need to Know – Doss, Crawford & Reed

Choosing to be W.O.K.E. – Strategies So You Don’t Stay Asleep – Smith

Addressing Poverty Through Computer Science: A Sociological Approach – Habersham

The CARE Hub: Mental Health Collaboration – Wilcher, Wilson & Heck

Social Emotional Learning: Implementing Future Ready Sessions in a Virtual or Blended Environment – Thomas

Cultivating Chance, Not Change – Marcum & Parsley

Friday, July 9th

180 Days of Joy – How to Use Social Media to Change the Narrative of a Title I School – Randolph

Highly Effective 21st Century Innovative Inventions: Quad D Robotics – Walker


















Pre-Conference Session

Lost Boys: Strategies to Help Educators Navigate the World of Boys for Academic Success!

Steph Jensen, M.S., LPC