Las Vegas Handouts

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Session Title: 13 Reasons Why: Reshaping the Context for Prevention of Suicide

Session Presenter: Kaye Randall, MSW, LISW-CP

Session Title: A Handful of ACEs: The Impact of Trauma on Students Who Are Wired Differently

Session Presenter: Mike Paget, M.Ed.​

Session Title: After the REPORT: Best Practices for Responding to Child Abuse on Your Campus

Session Presenter: Dianna Smoot, M.Ed.

Session Title: Butter, Ice, Alcohol & Peroxide Don’t Heal Wounds: Self Care for Educators

Session Presenter: Catava Burton, Ed.S., CTP-E

Session Title: Developing a Behavioral Program for At-Risk K-5 Students

Session Presenter: Robert Smalls, Ed.D., Kimberly Suber, M.Ed. & Jamelia Koon

Session Title: Facing the Elephant: Children Living with Domestic Violence

Session Presenter: Ellen Decuir, NCC, NCSC; Missy Frye, NCC, NCSC; Kathryn Ward, MSW, LCSW

Session Title: Finding Your Zone of Genius

Session Presenter: Dr. Robyn Jackson

Session Title: I’m Not Broken: Cultivating Schools Climate Which Address the Dis-Proportionality in Discipline for Students of Color

 Session Presenter: Edwin Javius

Session Title: Just One Click: Cyberbullying and Sexting in Schools

Session Presenter: Dr. Susan Coleman

Session Title: Mindfulness AKA Pay Attention

Handout: Classroom Management Handout

Session Presenter: Molly Dahl & Dr. Oliver

Session Title: Self-Regulation Training: Framework for Success

Session Presenter: Brad Chapin, M.S., LCP, LMLP

Session Title: Teens, Tech and Relationships

Session Presenter: Dena Kohleriter, LCSW

Session Title: Sparking Student Engagement: Strategies for Classroom Success

Session Presenter: Dr. Bryan Harris

Session Title: Technology Enabled School and Community Safety

Session Presenter: David Griffith, Ph.D., Leonid Naboyshchikov

Session Title: The Impact of Insta

Session Presenter: Jennifer Hartstein, PsyD

Session Title: V is for Validation

Session Presenter: Jennifer Hartstein, PsyD

Session Title: What’s Your Will Driver?

Session Presenter: Dr. Robyn Jackson

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