David Flink: Making Deposits to the Neurodiverse Student’s Self-Esteem Bank

When students with learning differences encounter difficult material or expectations, their frustrations may yield undesired behaviors that prompt negative consequences. Plenary Speaker David Flink says being seen, heard and valued by educators can safeguard against threats to student self-esteem.

Watch David Flink reflect on the “accommodation” made for him in elementary school and its impact on his “self-esteem piggy bank.”

Founder of Eye to Eye, leader of the Learning Rights Movement, and author of Thinking Differently, David Flink will present a plenary session entitled Seen, Heard, and Valued: Creating a Safe, Supportive, and Inclusive Environment for Neurodiverse Students at the Wired Differently Conference in Orlando in March. He will also present a keynote session entitled Rebuild a Stronger Classroom Experience for Neurodivergent Youth.

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