Boys are not wired to “start with words”…

Boys are not wired to “start with words” says Boy Brains & Engagement Conference keynoter Steph Jensen — which can present some challenges with writing assignments.

An award-winning author and international speaker, Steph Jensen will present a keynote session, as well as pre-conference sessions, in Atlanta.

Boys are far more likely than girls to be held back, suspended or expelled — or to drop out of school altogether. They are diagnosed with learning and attention disorders at nearly four times the rate of girls. At North American universities, boys comprise only 43% of the undergrads. Unfortunately African American, Hispanic and Native American boys are at an even greater disadvantage.

According to a recent article in Psychology Today, scientists have discovered about 100 typical gender differences in the brain. Now in its second year, the Boy Brains & Engagement Conference will help educators understand and support the unique neurochemistry of the male brain.  The goal of the event is to help educators decrease dropouts, improve academic outcomes and encourage a post-secondary educational mindset among all boys.