Atlanta 2022 Handouts

Please click on a session title below to download the handout (some speakers do not use/provide slides and/or handouts). Please check back often as materials are still being submitted.

Main Conference Handouts:

William Noel, Sr.:  Color Brave: Implicit Bias, Equity & Cultural Competence in Schools

Melissa Sadin: Trauma-Informed Classroom Management Across Grade Levels!

Kevin Cripe: The Challenge of Teaching in a Complex World: Keeping Students and Teachers Engaged in School

Jennifer Moore: Using the Well-being Wheel to Guide School Wellness Work

Cameron Caswell & Charle Peck: Infusing Mental Health Into Everyday Practice

Marlon Smith: Building the Village Mentality!

Carmen White: Games, Creative Strategies and Brain Breaks for SEL and Academic Achievement

Gregory Powell: Our Stock Is Rising: An Elementary Student’s Intro to the Stock Market

Wylie Howard: Understanding Educational Alternatives: How to Inspire, Empower and Transform your Students

Derrick Bailey: Reshaping Discipline and Restoring Relationships with Restorative Conferences

Jennifer Moore: Helping Staff Use Restorative Language in Trauma-Informed Schools: Focus on Early Childhood

Connie Hamilton: Three States of Mind: De-escalating Emotions

Connie Hamilton: Strategy Slam: Tools and Protocols to Engage Students in Active Learning

James Jones: Using “The Lunch Tray ” Model to Align Resources

Melissa Sadin: A Trauma-Informed Approach to Recurring Behavior Problems

Tracie Berry-McGhee: Girls and SEL in a Digital World

Sean Slade: Why ‘MESSY’ Leaders are the Future: Leading with Empathy, Vulnerability & Humility

Larry Thompson: Closing the Exits Off the Road to Responsibility

Katie Anderson: Talking Isn’t Teaching – 50 Ways to Leave Your Lecture

Steph Jensen: Flipped Classroom Management

Katie Anderson: Reach Them So You Can Teach Them – Supporting Struggling Students

Megan Stuhlman: Can Teamwork Make the Dream Work? Structures and Strategies For Collaborating to Enhance Adolescent Engagement

Brad Chapin: Refill Your Cup: An Interactive Mindfulness and Movement Session to Boost Your Self-Care

Ron Large: Belonging Matters

Steph Jensen: Navigating Needs: Connecting SEL and Academics

William Noel: Reframing School Discipline: Punishment vs. Discipline

Marquita Blades: The POWARR of Student Collaboration: Using Problem-Based Learning Simulations

Joe Christensen – Strategies that Work with Indigenous, Disengaged, At-Risk and Challenging Students – From An Australian Playbook

Christian Moore – Practical strategies for Supporting Student Mental Health & Resilience