Atlanta Handouts

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December 9th Pre-Conferences

Engaging the Traumatized Child – Aaron Wiemeier

How to Reach the (Sometimes) Hard-to-Reach – Dr. William Noel

Lost Boys: Closing the Academic Gender Gap – Part 1 – Steph Jensen (Handout same as part 2)

The Mental Health Crisis in Education: 10 Steps to a Trauma-Empowered School – Aaron Wiemeier

Overcoming the Poverty Mindset – Hotep Benzo

Lost Boys: Closing the Academic Gender Gap – Part 2 – Steph Jensen (Handout same as part 1)

Main Conference Handouts:

Culturally Responsive Teaching for High Student Engagement: The Elements of Urban Education – Shaun Woodly

Supporting Students, Teachers, & Principals in PBIS, Title 1 and Elementary Schools – Bethany Powers

Lead Your Way Out of Crisis: Don’t Just Manage Your Way Out – McDaniel & Surrency

Mentoring and Induction: Creating a Climate of Success – Kahler, Ellbogen & Jump

Transform Your School by Cultivating Entrepreneurship – Kristin Scala

Driving Student Resiliency – Hoang & Vijeila

Art & SEL: Empowering Voice and Harnessing Emotions – Mandy Goodwin

Let’s Get Real: Increase Engagement with Project-Based Learning – Terra Tarango

Transforming School Climate and Culture – Ernest West

Voice and Choice: Increasing Student Autonomy – Veronica Johnson

De-escalation As A Means of Empowerment – Penny Baker

A School Leader’s Guide to a Culturally Competent & Trauma Informed School – Melissa Sadin

Creating a Sense of Trust, Well-Being and Collaboration with Compassionate Leadership – Narineh Gharashor

Escape the Classroom: Using the Escape Room Model for Addressing the Needs of All Learners – Marquita Blades

Flipped Classroom Management – Steph Jensen

Color Brave: Implicit Bias, Equity & Cultural Competence in Schools – William Noel

Overcoming the Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations – Melissa Hughes

Hot Beats & Cold Bars – “AKA” Blistering Palpitations & Frigid Recitations: Using Music to Unlock Expression in Literacy and SEL – Kevin Brawley

The Hammer & Screw – Edward DeShazer

Could Communication Improve at Your School? Improving School Culture with Healthy Communication – Jennifer Moore

How to Shift Disruptive Student Behavior with Restorative Communication – Moore, Kirshner, Lindsey & Smailis

Brain-Based Teaching Strategies for Student Engagement – Erin Glenn

Sweetheart of Special Education – Stacy Brannon

Redefining Education By Emphasizing Personal Development! – Mr. Hardge

The Magic School Bus 2.0: Creating Classroom Experiences for Tomorrow’s Learners – Rigsby & Diede

Disrupting the Norm – Rigsby & Diede

The TEACHER Therapist: A Guide to Becoming the Teacher You Were Never Trained to Be – Aaron Wiemeier

ELs: Every Student Succeeding? – Tomekia Watson

Family Engagement is Central, NOT Supplemental – Audrey McKenna Wittenauer

Fostering Cultural Awareness and Inclusivity in the Classroom – Jessica Jaquez-Trejo

Motivating Unmotivated Students: Research & Practice – Jessica Jaquez-Trejo

Parents, Where are You? Activating the Disengaged Parent! – Marques Stewart

Quick Responses for Preventing and Reducing Student Misbehavior and Suspensions – Anika Costa

Developing the Emotionally Inclusive Classroom Using SEL – Brian Dinkins

Proven Pedagogies + New Technologies Tackle Unprecedented Learning Loss – Ganguly & Enfield

Teaching Self-Regulation Skills to Students Who Have Been Impacted by Trauma – Brad Chapin

Social-Emotional Learning, Equity & Wellness 4 Wounded Students – Joe Hendershott

Transitioning from Parent Engagement to Family Engagement in Order to Improve Outcomes and Communication – Ernesto Mejia

From Wounded to Hope – Why Self-Care is Not Enough – Dardi Hendershott

Using Virtual and Augmented Reality in the Classroom – Doug Smith